Canoe Pan:

Karo Sarafyan, number one Armenian guitarist. Effective, harmonious and convincing guitar music. Nice, breathtaking tunes of guitar make you feel good. The guitar lifts your mood. Wanna listen to instrumental music and don’t know what to buy?. Don’t hesitate, choose the best, “Short Stories” by Karo Sarafyan, the best Armenian guitarist that plays the guitar and admires the hearts of many people. Guitar performed by Karo Sarafyan can heal your heart and lift your mood, especially the composition “Short Stories” and “Ovation”.
【音乐推荐:Canoe Pan】

  1. 胤祥天翊Canoe Pan 转载了此音乐
  2. 蓝雨婉雪花开云舒 转载了此音乐
  3. 花开云舒Canoe Pan 转载了此音乐
  4. 雲虎映繪Canoe Pan 转载了此音乐
  5. 风之情侣Canoe Pan 转载了此音乐
  6. 小马又又Canoe Pan 转载了此音乐
  7. 呼明君Canoe Pan 转载了此音乐
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